domingo, 30 de abril de 2017

╰☆╮London ...╰☆╮

                                            Style on Me

           -Top:[WM] Lara Blouse                          
           - Short:[WM] Lara Shorts 
  • Shoes: Bishes inc Cute Goth Heel with color HUD at The Bishes Inc. Mainstore or the promo at MP
  • Tatto: a.t mikoto at The Avenue 
  • Shape : New ~Pandora~  Kamila Bento Shape for catwa Lona and Catya head looks great wirth any mesh bodies style included in a note card at Pandora Shapes MP


jueves, 27 de abril de 2017

╰☆╮Shine Bright ╰☆╮

                                                Style on Me

  • Ring ♥ : New ::ALTER:: Vivians - Gem rings [Fit Bento hands] with gems color hud both hands R & L
  • Top: #CRANKED# EMI TOP 2 With Color Hud for Maitreya Belleza Slink Meshbodies
  • Tatto: New a.t hajime .40% & 70% for Omega maitreya Belleza appl at The Grab Event exclusive sales event Spring 28 April edition
  • Hair:Tableau Vivant \\ Glenn II - Basics 
  • Shape: Rebeka Bento Shape MP


domingo, 23 de abril de 2017

╰☆╮Bad GirL ╰☆╮

                                              Style on Me

  • Lingery Set: LA PERLA -Kaelyn Ensemble ::: ALL COLORS Omega Maitreya Belleza Appl at [Hash Spring Flowers] 15-30 April
  • Shoes: Glamistry - PARRASANA Heels with colors Hud for Maitreya Slink Belleza mesh feets
  • Tatto:-ALEX-  Guns tattoo Omega Belleza Slink Maitreya Applier Dark Medium and Light optionsSamPoses - Black Widow
  • Pose: SamPoses - Black Widow at [Hash Spring Flowers] 15-30 April
  • Shape : Pandora Rebeka bento Shape for Catwa Lona and Catya mesh head with maitreya Mesh Body Style included , AT Pandora MP

Happy Shopping! ♥


sábado, 22 de abril de 2017

╰☆╮Smiles Pals....╰☆╮

                                            Style on Me

  • Top and Pants : #Cranked# Silvia  Top & Pant with 48 color for Slink Physiqe/Hourglass Maitreya/Belleza Lisi/Freya/VenusWerwolf / Fox at #Cranked# MS
  • Shoes: Glamistry - PARRASANA Heels
  • Hair:[e] Cassidy - Essentials  at MS
  • Tatto: a.t arowana At he Darkness Monthly Event for april 
  • Skin: Glam Affair - Pippi - Catwa Mesh Head Applier - Asia FLF


viernes, 21 de abril de 2017

╰☆╮🐇 Dreamsland Hunts🐇 ╰☆╮

                                    Style On Me

  • Outfit:::ALTER:PRIORITY - Dreamsland Easter Egg Hunt 2017🐇   , Drees :::ALTER:: Dreamsland Easter - Strapless Dress / Maitreya/Belleza/Slink/ TMP fitted   Headdress:::ALTER:: 🐇 Headdress - Party Easter Egg   🐇 Shoes: :ALTER:: Meg - Maitreya High Pumps / Dreamsland Easter Egg /Maitreya/Slink/Belleza/   🐇 Earrings::ALTER:: Easter Eggs Earrings Mesh - [Resizer] AT 🐇 🐣 Dreamsland Easter Egg Hunt 2017 🐇 from 4/13 to 4/30 happy hunting LM 
  • Tatto: a.t akira henna . omega  belleza maitreya appl available in black and white too at The Darkness Monthly Event 
  • Hair:!Oleander ~ Izzie.~ Exclusive Natural 

miércoles, 19 de abril de 2017

╰☆╮Water Under The Bridge.. ╰☆╮

                                               Style on Me

  • Top And Bottom [WM] Julie Outfit HUD Colors & Prints Belleza Maitreya Slink bodies at [Hash Spring Flowers] 15-30 April
  • Shoes:Glamistry - TRILLIUM Heels Maitreya Slink Belleza with color hud 
  • Tatto:[RG] Journey Tattoo Clear Medium Dark - Belleza-Maitreya- Slink-Omega-TMP-Signature Mesh Bodies at [Hash Spring Flowers] 15-30 April
  • Lipstick: Opulence - Katie Lips - Pinks {Catwa}{Omega} appl at [Hash Spring Flowers] 15-30 April
  • Pose:Serendipity: calmness ... (2) set  of (3) at [Hash Spring Flowers] 15-30 April
  • Hair:*Besom~Sita *Natural Ombres*




lunes, 17 de abril de 2017


Style on Me

  • Set : MESH Sasha Fringed Dress, Jewellery and Shoes by Moonstar at [Hash Spring Flowers] 15-30 April
  • Hair:/Wasabi Pills/ Willa Mesh Hair - Basics
  • Lipstick:Opulence - Katie Lips - Nudes {Catwa}{Omega}at [Hash Spring Flowers] 15-30 April
  • Skin:LURE: Rebecca - Vanilla Applier HUD Catwa Lelutka Areruka Logo TMP 
  • Pose 1:Serendipity: dreaminess... (1) set of 3
  • Pose 2:Serendipity: little fairy... (2)set of 3  at [Hash Spring Flowers] 15-30 April

domingo, 16 de abril de 2017

╰☆╮April , Like a Love song...╰☆╮


                            Style On Me (Karla)

  • Jumper  : ::ALTER:: Becca - White Brocade Romper /  MAITREYA | BELLEZA: FREYA - ISIS - VENUS | SLINK: PHYSIQUE - HOURGLASS | WERWOLF Available in 4 colors textures: Floral| Geometry Floral | Roses | White Brocade exclusive
    at Hashtag Event [Hash Spring Flowers]  From April 15th - 30th
  • Sandals :Glamistry : COLUMBINE Sandals -Color HUD / Maitreya /Slink/Belleza flat feets
  • Tatto     :-ALEX- To the Ends tattoo -at Hashtag Event [Hash Spring Flowers]  From April 15th - 30th
  • Hair      :/Wasabi Pills/ Aurora Mesh Hair - FLF 
  • Blanket with poses singles and couples : TSO-Spring Blanket (PG) at Hashtag Event [Hash Spring Flowers]  From April 15th - 30th 


sábado, 15 de abril de 2017


                                                Style On Me

  • Dress:Bishes Inc New sexy little dress now in store! The Neglige dress comes in 20 colors and is fitted for:~ Belleza Maitreya Slink Belleza  at  MS Bishes
  • Shoes: Bishes inc Helen Heel with HUD for Meitreya Slink nd Belleza mesh feets At MS Bishes 
  • Tatto: at april mist tattoo colors Spotlight Event- start 7th april end 16th
  • Skin: LURE: Rebecca - Vanilla Applier HUD Omega catwa lelutka LAQ Logo areruka tmp new at MS
  • Hair: little bones. Twyla - The Blend 


viernes, 14 de abril de 2017

╰☆╮Magical .. ╰☆╮

Style on Me

  • Dress: TASHI Hadraniel Color Change HUD Maitreya Slink Belleza E body included wings and brooch This are  exclusive for this round of SWANK  This event run from April 6th until April 30
  • Headpice:TASHI Raziel  Headpiece Color Change HUD This are  exclusive for this round of SWANK  This event run from April 6th until April 30
  • Tatto:a.t cracked cracked  tattoo unisex tmp.. belleza ..maiterya.. omega.. classic
    -Spotlight Event-start 7th april end 16th
  • Hair:::Bold & Beauty:: Hair :: Buffy. Blonds


martes, 4 de abril de 2017

╰☆╮ It Ain't Me╰☆╮

                                                      Style on Me

  • Outfit  : #CRANKED# Carmen Top & Pant Maitreya Slink Belleza warewolf fitmesh with color Hud new in Store LM 
  • Shoes: Glamistry - LINARIA Heels [with color Hud ] LM MS
  • Tatto: a.t akemi . maitreya Omega Belleza 40% 75% the avenue event start april 1 comienza abril 1
  • Hair: taketomi - Hera - Fatpack (GROUP GIFT)


sábado, 1 de abril de 2017

╰☆╮ I Feel It Coming .. ╰☆╮

Style On Me

  • Dress:Bishes inc Enlaced Dress with 10 colors HUD for Bodies: Maitreya Slink Belleza This is EXCLUSIVELY SOLD ON MARKETPLACE MP
  • Shoes:Glamistry MS- HIBISCUS Heels 
  • Tatto: a.t kahuna . omega Maitreya Belleza and Classic 40% 70% & 75% at AVANGARDE - Monthly Event start 1th end 22th april
  • Hair:*Besom~Weekend Warrior *Essentials*
  • Hair Base: no.match_ HAIRBASE B for CATWA -JESSICA mesh head GroupGift
  • Lipstick:[LF] Vanity Lipsticks Cream Wine CATWA Applier
  • Head : Catwa
  • Body : Maitreya Lara