martes, 20 de agosto de 2019

♚476♚ Dance with me..

      Style on Me

  • Outfit: EC Sally Steampunk Outfit Emerald Couture Dress and Boots W/Hud  for Slink Maitreya Belleza Tonic TMP  at   [HASH IN STEAMPUNK]. Open 16-30 August
  • Aura and Crown: Cinnamon Cocaine  ❤ Soul Spark Aura. Based on the tiny light inside your body. The spark of the soul can never be destroyed. ❤ What's included? 
    2 body auras, 2 hand auras, feet swirls, and crowns. Sparkles, tiny white stars and soul sparks. 
    ❤ Various speeds 
    - ONLY at - MP 
  • Hair: DOUX - Mecca hairstyle [BASIC PACK] 
  • Head: Genus Project baby face MS

  • Body : Lara Maitreya MS
  • Happy Shopping ♥

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