domingo, 26 de junio de 2022

"Forgιvᥱᥒᥱss ιs ᥒot forgᥱttιᥒg, kιttყ... bᥙt rᥱmᥱmbᥱrιᥒg ᥕιthoᥙt ιt hᥙrtιᥒg" “Pᥱrdoᥒᥲr ᥒo ᥱs oᥣvιdᥲr, gᥲtιto ... sιᥒo rᥱᥴordᥲr sιᥒ qᥙᥱ ᥒos dᥙᥱᥣᥲ”

Shack Decoration


Available in two versions, Adult or Cuddles. 
Each includes 2 slow dances, singles
 and couples animations + sequences,
 and a 6 color change menu to fit your decor. 
Currently, this is available at
  ☛ XXX EXXX Event June 13 - July 3
After Event at !TYLAR'S MainStore


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